frequently asked

Q:        I am looking for a USCIS Civil Surgeon.  Is Dr. Lewis a certified designated USCIS Civil Surgeon?

A:        Yes.  He is considered to be one of the top in the nation.


Q:        May I get my immigration physical exam completed with my family doctor?

A:        No. You must see a certified USCIS Civil Surgeon.


Q:        Do you have multiple locations available for me to get the exam?

A:        Yes, we have offices in three states—PA, NJ, and DE.


Q:        What is the cost of having my I-693 examination in your office?

A:        The cost of your medical exam will depend on what type of form and services have to be completed for USCIS.  Typically the prices range from $75 to $375.


Q:        What is included in the fee for the immigration physical exam?

A:        Immigration physical exam and completion of all paperwork, your lab tests interpretation, review of vaccination records, evaluation of other physical or mental abnormality, disease, or disability, referrals to specialists, if needed, and sealed I-693 and copy.


Q:        Do you accept medical insurance or travel insurance for the immigration physical exam?

A:        No. Most health and/or travel insurance plans do not cover immigration medical exams. We will provide you with an invoice for possible reimbursement.


Q:        What if I do not have medical insurance?

A:        If you do not have insurance, you may go to your family doctor or local pharmacy for your vaccinations.  Or you may be able to go to the health department for free or little cost to have your vaccinations and lab tests done.


Q:        What forms of payment do you accept?

A:        Major credit or debit cards.


Q:        What do I need to bring to the exam appointment?

A:        Government issued photo ID-e.g., passport or driver’s license, Vaccination records, I-693 form, New patient medical forms. Any pertinent medical records if you are being treated for a disease or disability


Q:        How much time does the exam take?

A:        45 minutes to 1 hour depending o the complexity of each person’s case.


Q:        Can I eat or drinking before arriving?

A:        Yes.


Q:        Can my I-693 exam be completed in a single visit?

A:        Yes, unless any of your lab tests come back positive. Then, you will need to come back for a second visit.


Q:        What lab tests are required by USCIS for patients 15 years or older?

A:        Lab tests for tuberculosis, syphilis and gonorrhea


Q:        What lab tests do children need to get?

A:        Children under 15 years of age need testing for tuberculosis only.  They do not need testing for syphilis or gonorrhea.


Q:        Do you perform the TB skin test or blood test?

A:        In our office we perform the TB blood test only, not the PPD skin test due to the fact that patients are given the BCG vaccination in some countries which creates a false positive result.  We do not want our patients to have unnecessary tests or take TB medication.  The TB blood test does not produce a false positive result if you had the BCG vaccination.


Q:        What vaccinations are required by USCIS?

A:        Measles, mumps, rubella, Polio, Tetanus, Varicella, Hepatitis A/B, Haemophilus influenzae type B (children), Flu, Rotavirus (children), Meningococcal (65 yrs or older), Pneumococcal (65 yrs or older)


Q:        Do I need to bring my vaccination records?  What if I do not have any?

A:        Yes, if they are available. If you do not have any don’t worry, you may get all of the required shots or get lab tests to prove immunity.


Q:        Can I undergo the exam if I do not have my vaccination records?

A:        Yes.


Q:        Will I need to get vaccinations if I am pregnant?

A:        No.


Q: What if any of my lab tests are positive?

A: As stated in your initial visit, patients with positive test results have three options to complete their i693 form:

1. Contact the health dept to be treated and evaluated. Get a letter of clearance from the health dept. The cost is usually free.
2. Find or use your own infectious disease or pulmonary specialist to get evaluated and treated and have them send us your letter of clearance. Cost will depend on your insurance plan.
3. Or if you do not prefer to do the above options, you may seek a formal consultation appointment with Dr Lewis where our office will find you a medical specialist and follow up with their office re: your paperwork. Our fee for this service is $150 plus the medical specialist’s fees (less insurance coverage).


Q:        Is a chest x-ray required?

A:        No, not unless you have a positive tuberculosis lab test result.


Q:        Will I receive a copy of my I-693 for my personal records, in addition to the original I-693 in the sealed envelope?

A:        Yes.


Q:        How long is my I-693 valid?

A:        I-693 validity period is 60 days from the date the Civil Surgeon signs the I-693 medical exam and then once it is submitted to USCIS, it will be valid for two years from the date of submission.


Q:        How long does it take for me to receive my sealed I-693 form and copy?

A:        It takes about 1 week, unless any of your lab tests come back positive. If additional tests need to be done, it will take a little longer than 1 week.
ALERT:  Due to the COVID pandemic and the unprecedented demand for immigration exam services, I-693 report completion at this time is about 10-14 business days which may change in the future.  Please be aware of this fact so that you can schedule in time.


Q:        What happens after the exam and lab tests are completed? How do I receive my sealed I-693 form and copy?

A:        You will be informed by us that your I-693 form and copy are ready to be picked up from one of our offices.  If you wish, your documents can be sent directly to your lawyer for a small additional fee.