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We are currently working on an embedded scheduler for your convienience. We expect that it will be functional within the next few weeks.

In the meantime, give us a call at the phone numbers below to schedule your appointment.

Malvern, Pennsylvania

Bear, Delaware

Marlton, New Jersey


Dr. James Lewis is a highly skilled and certified US Designated Civil Surgeon.  He is certified by Homeland Security and authorized by the US Customs & Immigration Service to perform certified immigration medical examinations.


Cancellation/refund policy:

If you cancel 24 hours ahead of time before the exam, your monies will be refunded minus a service fee. If you do not call to cancel 24 hours before the appointment, you may reschedule your appointment only.  No refund will be given.


After the exam:

Once the immigration medical exam is completed, USH&P Medical Services will certify the I-693 form with the test results and vaccination history.  You will also be provided with the I-693 form in the sealed envelope and a copy.  We will contact you when your form is ready to be picked up.

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